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Newton on the Tee

Newton on the Tee

A Good Walk Through the Science of Golf

Golf has undergone a titanium revolution: new materials, new techniques, and new approaches have radically reshaped the simple act of swatting a little ball towards a distant target. The endlessly inquisitive golfer-which is to say, all of them-has had nowhere to turn to get any sense of WHY their shots go slicing into the distance, WHY they should care about the properties of titanium, WHY putts tend to break to the west, WHY swinging harder doesn't necessarily make the ball go further, and WHY they can hit the ball like a dream one day and like an orang-utan the next.
At last, John Zumerchik, a passionate golfer and inquisitive science writer and editor, explores and explains the little details that make golf such a maddening, fascinating, and tantalizing pursuit. NEWTON ON THE TEE covers all of the game's hot topics.
With a firm grasp of both his subject and his seven-iron, Zumerchik takes the reader through all these topics and more, in an entertaining and enlightening work that crosses the questing appeal of Golf in the Kingdom with the coherence and clarity of popular science works from Cosmos to Chaos.
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  • July 2008
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Chapter 1: How Easy Is this Game Anyway?

The intriguing paradox of golf is that almost everyone can play the game but oh so few can master it.

Since anyone can play the game, conventional wisdom is that golf is easy. Many spectators would concur. From watching PGA or LPGA golfers compete, it is legitimately believed by many viewers that they possess greater overall athletic talent, and therefore, if given the chance to relive life, one spent working on their game as much as the pros do, they too could have competed against the very best. This belief is even more pervasive among professional athletes competing in the other major... see more


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John Zumerchik
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John Zumerchik

JOHN ZUMERCHIK was an editor for the Macmillan Encyclopedia of Sports Science (1997), a two-volume reference work covering the physiology and physics of sports as well as the physics of sports injuries. (Though listed as editor, he authored or rewrote over half the entries.) He is also serving the dual role of author/editor for the three-volume Macmillan Encyclopedia of Energy. He previously served as a Senior Editor of the American Institute of Physics, and as a Physics, Forestry and Geology Editor for the College Division of McGraw-Hill.




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